Safety valve stainless steel

Stainless steel safety valve A valve manufactured and designed with stainless steel material suitable for the pressure of the working environment with the highest pressure resistance compared to copper and cast iron.

Safety valve stainless steel

  • Original Price:600,000 vnđ
  • Sale Price:550,000 vnđ
Stainless steel safety valve is divided into 2 types: stainless steel safety valve threaded and flanged, types used for water and used for steam.

The common feature is that they are used to stabilize the pressure in the pipeline below the allowed level, without causing the pressure to rise excessively, leading to bursts or broken pipes or boilers, tanks ...

Stainless steel safety valve

Stainless steel safety valve

Technical data:

Use temperature: 200 degrees Celsius

Inlet pressure: 0-30kg / cm2

Outlet pressure: 0-10kg / cm2

Material: stainless steel

Use: Water, steam, gasoline ... used for high pressure water pumping pipes, tanks often have high pressure ...

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