Stainless steel mechanical float 27

Inox 27 stainless steel float is the most used product in civil pipe installations, especially tank factories.

Stainless steel mechanical float 27

  • Original Price:130,000 vnđ
  • Sale Price:120,000 vnđ
The structure of buoy consists of 4 main parts: Valve body, Ti valve shaft, Lever and ball.

Principle of operation The 27-buoy float is floated on the water surface when the water runs out of the float slowly lowered through the rubber ball valve, which opens the wedge to open the water to the tank, then the water pressure also pushes the wedge and The valve stem in the direction of the water flows through the hole and valve slot to enter the four containment. The valve body and valve stem are subjected to the compression pressure of the buoy due to the filling of the tank and automatic water filling according to the natural mechanism.

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